Maintenance on rotary vane pumps

It is important to change the oil in rotary vane pumps, otherwise the seals will be damaged. The inspection interval depends on the load on the pump.

Other damage to rotary vane pumps

In the case of noisy engines, changing the          bearings as soon as possible is recommended

Various devices

We also repair dosing pumps or other devices if possible. Just ask...

Time for maintenance

Unfortunately, maintenance are increasingly being waited until the last moment, which the results is higher maintenance costs!

Diaphragm pumps

Maintenance free is often misunderstood/explained.

These pumps also have moving parts and seals. Service interval is usually 10-15,000 hours (contamination excluded!)

Scroll Pumpes

These pumps also have a service interval. If the bearings are defective for too long, TOTAL DAMAGE can hardly be avoided!

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